Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Elderberry Trail, Turnball Canyon, Whittier

Today as warm in our neck of the woods. I had an afternoon phone appointment I had to be sure not to miss so I chose a local trail. Turnball Canyon is very popular and surrounded by many urban legends and ghost stories.

We took the less travelled Elderberry Trail farther up Turnball Canyon Dr. It has steep hills but the views, as most of the trails in this area have, are beautiful. You can see down into the sparkling city and the dry canyon.

Because it's so dry, it's dusty and warm. I do not like trails like this. There is no where to sit and eat lunch unless you want to sit in direct sun, smack-dab in the middle of a trail.
Low on the adventure scale but could definitely be a fat burning work out.

Free parking on the side of the road at the trail head but no water or restrooms. Take lots of water and use sun protection because there is no shade. We've had cooler temps lately but you wouldn't have known it for today's hike. 
Of course it's dramatically cooler than it would have been during summer. I hiked in my favorite hiking skirt and if I hadn't had known how dusty it would be, I may have chosen to wear my flip flops as well. haha.

The trails in this area can go on for hours. Some, who shall remain nameless, in our hiking crew today were way too full of complaints for my taste, so I chose to turn around and end the hike early. No one complained about that though. Haha again.

We drove to a lovely park nearby, to sit in the shade and have lunch.
It was a good enough hike.

See ya next week! 

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