Sunday, November 8, 2015

Church Lady: Pretty in Pink

I receive a lot of compliments when I wear I guess I can say its a flattering color on me. 

Again, trying to usher in Autumn by wearing a sweater. It was still warm, though a beautiful day none-the-less.

Have I shared this skirt before? It's another one of my wrap skirts that is supposed to have the ability to be worn multiple ways. It's one of the oldest I own!  Possibly even the first one I ever purchased.

Wrap skirt with a purple base and pink floral motif accents, pink sweater, black tank under and my fav simple sandals/wedges/chanklas?

Beaded, pink heart necklace, multi-colored beaded bracelet and pink drop earrings that you can never see anyway. All jewelry gifted or hand me downs.

Pretty sure the footwear was thrifted. Sweater and tank are hand-me-downs, had the skirt for years...possibly 7?

Seriously, wear what you have!
A bit of blur.

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