Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Hike Day: San Gabriel Riverbed, Norwalk

It's performance day for the play. That means no Friday Hike Day! Boo! We have to be at the community center by 11am for an afternoon performance for a couple public schools. I still wanted to get my walk/hike in.

I think this bird is called an Egret?
I invited my hiking partner and co-Adventure Mom along. I am blessed that even though we moved, she lives just up the street. Yay. We trekked along the San Gabriel River bed a few miles. It is mostly concrete but there are a few spots locally that are green and wild life can be observed.

So hard to see but there is a Blue Jay mid-right in this picture.

It was a great morning and I love getting up and out first thing. This is a paved trail frequented by cyclists, joggers and vagrants under the over passes. Over all the trail is maintained and has mile markers painted on the roadway all along the trail. It has been revamped in some areas which is nice.

Our route takes along horse property. It's a nice farmy feel in the middle of suburbia. A few homes have not only horses but chickens too. The path follows along the river and some local parks.

Always use caution. Most children will find this boring. I do not recommend going alone, for safety reasons. I don't expect anything unsavory to transpire but better safe than sorry. We would avoid the underpasses due to less visibility, vagrants and to be safe. We cross above on the roadways.

This is a great biking trail mid-day and I have taken it with my kiddos in the past. I am in love with it for our early morning walks as it's pretty empty.

A drive up the 605 freeway and you can visit this river in it's natural state along Heaton Flats and Bridge to Nowhere trail in Azuza. 

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