Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Hike Day: Hellman Wilderness Park, Whittier

Rivets in the dirt, formed by recent rainfall.

I don't like this series of trails in Whittier, personally. Not much visual interest with all the dryness and brown everywhere...unless your a fan of city view. I am not. I need the green, the trees, water. These trails are killer in the summer in the direct sun-no shade. It's a personal preference. There were more people on the trail today then we are used to for our Friday Hike days. Obviously, these are popular trails.

Adventure Kids.

This trail head is slightly hard to find, GPS sent us up the hill a ways to a dead end residential street. Make sure you are mapping Hellman Wilderness Park. The small parking lot was closed the day we went. The surrounding residential streets have signs indicating *permit paring only*. Be aware. We parked a block away and walked to the trail head.

It was a gorgeous day and I was slightly overdressed.

There are NO restrooms or drinking fountains. The trail is pretty much up hill, uphill, uphill. There are various trails but they all head uphill. They were slightly muddy on this day but in the summer, I know they would be hot. NO tree cover for shade whatsoever. 
Adventure kid running down the hill.

This trail is great if you want a good the buns of steel level. Also if you want to break a sweat. Visually, I find them boring. Too much brown for my taste. If you're kids need to burn off some steam, this is a great place. They can run up these hills to their hearts content and not damage anything. Haha.

My favorite girl pushing through, even with a cold.
You can get a view of the city if you like urban vistas.
Over all, low on the adventure scale. A popular trail, lots of pedestrian traffic when we were there. Dog friendly, on leash of course. Expect it to be dry, dusty and full sun during summer months, therefore drink water ahead of time and bring plenty with you. Sun safety always recommended: hat and sunscreen for sure.

Ok enough for a local spot.

See you next week! 

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