Saturday, January 9, 2016

More to Life

This verse is often referred to as an exhortation against worry *because* of God's providential nature. It's true one aspect of His divine identity is of being a provider.

This verse hit me differently this morn, the second part, which is often over looked. At the end of the day, or more importantly, life, what you eat and what you wear, will not matter! Nothing you have or own will matter. My grandma and mother's lives, have been reduced to a small box of sentimental items. No one cares or remembers how fashionable or stylish they were or weren't. No one cares what they cooked. 

Having just gone through a major life move-being present here-looking at all I owned...very little of my belongings mattered enough to want to pack and take with me. Very little was important enough to be worth the effort. 

There is freedom when we embrace what we know matters and let go of all else. We hold on to the love a person had or didn't have, for us. What we really hoard are the feelings, good or bad, produced within us when we remember someone. We must ask ourselves every moment, with every interaction, what we truly want to leave behind, and act accordingly. 

That is the *more* to life, I see in this verse.

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