Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Hike Day: Frascati Trail, Rancho Palos Verdes & Point Fermin Tide Pools, Cabrillo Beach

This was a short, mild hike in a residential neighborhood. The trail is wood chips and pretty stroller friendly. It offers a great view out to the ocean at the peak trail head. Don't expect any work out. There are no restrooms and you have to park in an adjacent residential street. You aren't far from civilization so easy to find a business with a restroom near by if you are in dire need--go before you get there. 

There is a small water fall, only about 5 feet tall, in a small alcove early on along the the trail. The trail has two residential entrances at opposite ends, so it depend which side you enter from. 
Water Fall.
It's a very lush, cool and green little canyon. We were alone on the trail when we went. We actually added a bit of adventure as we climbed above the water fall. Keep in mind though, that it is below residences, any higher and you are entering some one's back yard and private property.

Wood chips on the beginning of the trail. 
This is an excellent 'hike' for beginners and young ones.

Teens may find this trail boring but it is relaxed and easy to combine with other local places to visit....Which led us to Point Fermin Tide Pools/Cabrillo Beach.

For the past year I have been avoiding beach hikes, especially due to the lack of sea life in the tide pools. The warm climate this year has created a diseased state for our coast which has killed off much life...we haven't seen any sea stars for ages or much of anything else. These tide pools, though we still didn't see any starfish, still had plenty of beautiful life.

You follow a short walking path, then bridge out to the tide pools. It is rocky and depending on the tide, wet. Use caution for slips. A stroller can use the paved trail and the bridge but I would not recommend it along the tide pools, it's too rocky. 

The view is spectacular. We saw brilliant sea anemones, sea slugs and crabs. It was a gorgeous day. Across the parking lot, you can choose to visit the Cabrillo Museum as well. It is a donation only aquarium. We did not visit today because I was unprepared and completely out of cash.
Hopefully next time.

Cabrillo Beach has restrooms and a play ground.
Great stop for lunch and to add to your day. 

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