Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Hike Day: Ralph B. Clark Regional Park, Buena Park

This was a mild but nice local trail. The park itself is huge and features a small fishing pond, numerous awesome playgrounds, restrooms, a paleontology center and a stroller friendly trail. 

You can park free on the street adjacent to the park. If you dobtgat, enter the park along any of the openings along the fence and head all the way left. You can access the trail there via wooden steps. 

That is the only non-stroller area. The rest of the trail is hilly but wide and flat. If you have a stroller, walk parallel to the trail toward the back of the park and access the trail that way instead. The trail travels along the perimeter of the park for 3/4 of the edge. 

The peak of the trail offers stunning views. Wildflowers grace the trails and we caught sight of a rabbit. He blended in very well so be on the look out. 

The paleontology center is an informative and educational place to stop while you're there. You will learn how excavations and preservation of fossils and animal skeletons are handled. The center hosts lots of neat items to look at, including a giant shark jaw of teeth! 

There's a fabulous playground right behind the center that makes a great picnic area. Kids will love this walk/hike, the center and the park. 

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