Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Hike Day: Trail Canyon Falls, Angeles National Forest

Steep, side trail that leads to the base of Trail Canyon Falls.

Here is an easy to miss, underestimated hike. It offers a variety of scenery, shaded and sun filled paths, creeks to cross and rocks to climb. First, you have to find it! 

Driving along the mountain, you can easily miss the road that leads to the trail head because there is no signage. In the opposite direction, there is a road sign that indicates Trail Canyon and Cold Creek. Otherwise, it looks like a turn off on your left. 

We discovered a skunk carcass at the base of the falls! 

Follow the dirt road up then all the way down, leading to a parking area and the trail head, surrounded by a few residential cabins. I believe parking is free but we have an annual Adventure Pass for parking so I put it up, just in case. 

The trail can be very dry and hot, I can't emphasize this enough: hydrate the day before and bring more water than you think you need! Always better safe than sorry. Don't forget protective sun wear. 

Trail Canyon Falls...still trickling.
The trail leads past cabins, some currently inhabited-always be respectful. You will cross the creek a few times. 

The trail offers shady and lush respite from the sun in spots but the last leg of the journey will be full sun. Don't give up, you are almost there. Just as the doubts may begin to get the best of you...and in my case, my boys prepared to stage a mutiny...You turn the corner and see the falls in the distance to the right. 

The trail leads you to the top of the falls. There is an easy to miss trail on the right that leads down to the base-we took this trail. Use caution, it is steep, slippery and involves scaling rocks for a few steps. 

The falls were just a trickle but the water was cool. Perfect to wet your head and splash a bit. 

This hike is about a 7 or 8 on the adventure scale, depending on whether you've gotten a good sleep the night before. Haha. The water fall cove is serene and private but very small. Not much to sit on besides the ground. Bring a towel if you don't like sitting on bare ground or a log crawling with large ants and spiders.

We saw a couple desert ground squirrels, a hawk, lizards and lots of bees! This is not a stroller friendly hike. A child carrier would be fine except in spots where you may need to crouch thru trees and may pose a balance danger if you take the steep trail down to the fall's base. 

See you next week! 

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