Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Hike Day: In Search of Upper Bonita Falls

I am not a fan of this gorgeous waterfall. We've been a few times already, last being on Christmas Day. The disappointment is the overwhelming amount of graffiti! 

It makes me physically sick to my stomach! We only returned because I read about a second, upper waterfall. The trail head is unmarked, a small gravel lot that simply looks like a turn out on the side of the mountain road. There are two decent porta-potties and an Adventure Pass is required for parking. 

We did not find the upper Falls, however, word is you climb up the canyon right before Bonita Falls.

We tried it anyway. I don't recommend it with smaller, inexperienced children. Mine could all hack it but we eventually gave up. It's slippery gravel on the way up, previous hikers left a few ropes which were helpful. We also brought our own which was super helpful on the way down! 

The view was extra spectacular though, even though we didn't find the falls. We headed back down to Bonita. I will have to return another time with out the Adventure Kids. 

As you can see, Bonita is beautiful on its own and extremely popular. The hike is mild and the falls are easy to get to. Also indicated by the graffiti. The desecration gets as close as one can to the falls without being in the water, it's even on plants! A real shame. 

The first have is a rocky trek thru a dry wash. There was a little water this time. Definitely not stroller friendly...or even stroller accessible. A steady foot should be able to trek with a child in a carrier. 

Start the day outside.

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