Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Taking Time Not To Lose It

Lunch...for the most challenging 7yo I've ever had! As a mom, I finally realized, when I am feeling the *most* frustrated-is when I *most* need to slowdown...and intentionally show and pour (strangle? No, pour! ) extra love into the moment. I can't even fathom how many million deep breathes I will have taken by the time this 'exhuberant' child is grown...but however many are necessary, I will take them! 

I stopped fighting the moment this morning. Walked away to focus on an act of love. The 7 year old could certainly make his own lunch. I acted out the grace by making it for him. I put in extra effort to make it look pleasing and attractive. I intentionally took the extra, unnecessary...or perhaps completely necessary, time to perform a gratuitous act of love. 

He ate his entire lunch in one sitting. A rarity! Peace was restored. 

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