Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Hike Day: Etiwanda Falls, Rancho Cucamonga

You would never believe this trail leads to a shady oasis consisting of a refreshing creek and waterfall. This hike was almost overwhelming for all of us. It's dry, rocky, full sun and up hill the entire way! 

We arrived at 10am and temps were already high. Please hydrate the day before and bring more water than you think you would need. The hike isn't that long at all but under the blazing sun-yikes! 

Parking is free in a small gravel lot, adjacent to a residential community.  Due to the slippery, rocky path, this is NOT a stroller friendly hike but would be great for a child carrier-make sure the child is well protected from the sun. 

There are two gated trails, take the one straight ahead from the parking lot. There will be a couple trails that lead to the sharp left and to the sharp right, these head to shaded picnic areas. 

When you reach a triple fork in the road and a faded sign on a stone marker, with an arrow pointing left, take the trail in the middle, with a gate. If it's hot, you may feel like giving up-DON'T! The trail really isn't that long, maybe 30 minutes to the creek.

You will eventually reach a grate with water flowing through it. Splash some on your neck to cool down, you are very close! Follow the trail up one more time, you will see the trees and probably hear other visitors. 

You will finally come upon a shady grove, the creek in front of you and the falls to the right, below. You will be at the top of the falls. The base is accessible with caution, at least when we went and the water was flowing but low. 

The base of the falls was filled with beautiful butterflies; tiny blue ones and larger yellow ones. There were too many to count! 

After such a warm hike the water is refreshing and cool. The hike is not that exciting in and of itself. At the top, you can catch some awesome views of the canyon and the city below. 

It gets a mid-level score on the adventure scale. Children will enjoy the water and may see lizards. Older kids may enjoy exploring further up the creek. Be aware of bees among the wild flowers and congregating near the water. Be sure to save some of your water for the way back down...and watch your step. The rocky trail can be slippery. Hiking shoes recommended.

See you next week! 

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