Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Knotts Berry Farm Summer Fun: Ghost Town Alive

Ghost Town has a new interactive atmosphere for the summer. We had SO much fun yesterday. We were only there for a few hours (we're season pass holders) and ended up staying in Ghost Town the entire time. I know it's against the teen code to even admit, but my two teens loved being involved in all the town business and the 7 year old loved feeling included, looking for characters to deliver messages and letters to.

If you or your children are shy or non-joiners you can still enjoy the hands on aspect.  At the end of the block where the blacksmith is, the toy barn is now a livery. There's a couple horses and a donkey you can pet.

Across from the General Store is the Assay Office and the laundry, where you can pretend to wash and hang clothes on the clothes line. Next to that is the barber, get a custom mustache or a set of mutton chops finely groomed (drawn/painted) on your face. While you're there you might over hear some news about the Mayfield's threatening to take over Calico.

Right past Calico Grill is the new dress shop. Try on a fancy dress or skirt and snap a pic. Don't be startled if you hear a ruckus outside, probably a card game gone bad next door at the sheriff's...or a couple bandits getting locked up.

While we were there, a gold miner shared news of a robbery in progress at the bank...the sheriff hollered for all of us to follow him and check it out. Oh my! A gun fight broke out between two bandits on the balconies above the bank and the saloon! If you're a witness, you will be asked to file a report at the sheriff's station or draw a wanted poster at the bank.

If you'd rather stay away from the fray, mosey on into the Post Office. The postal clerk is unable to leave his post and may have a letter for you to deliver to the Mayor at Town Hall.

When we arrived two younguns' were getting hitched! They received a certificate of matrimony from the town of Calico and everything. We delivered the letter to the Mayor but...he wasn't too happy about what it said. He told us not to tell anyone.

We may have accidentally let it slip as we were playing match-maker, giving the paper boy some love advice. He's got the googly eyes for the perty daughter of a town official...but you didn't hear it from us!

There are a couple perty, new teachers at the school house. They are looking for dates for the Hoe Down that evening. There's a certain barber and snake-oil salesmen, I mean medicine-man, that has his wagon parked near by. I wonder why he's always hangin' around, he's too old to be in school? 

Do your civic duty and be sure to vote in the local election, for town Mayor of Calico, rumor has it, the race might be a close one. Don't forget to become a bona fide citizen as well and sign the guest book at Town Hall before you leave.

Keep your eyes and ears open, there are shady and shifty characters everywhere. You never know what you may see and hear in Calico, where you become part of the adventure!

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