Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Hike Day: La Tour, Victoria Beach-Laguna

This is more of a walk then a hike. If it's open, there is parking on the opposite side of PCH for free. No restrooms at this Beach point of entry. Not necessarily stroller friendly once you hit the sand. Child in a body carrier is fine. 

The main attraction of this hike is the little castle, known as La Tour (the tower) on the sand between the cliffs and shore. 

Make sure you go during low tide to be sure you can access the tower and so you can check out the tide pools. When you enter Victoria Beach, you won't see the tower. You will go to the right, from facing the ocean. Pass the corner of the first tide pools and the tower comes into view. 

Enjoy the view, the crashing waves and check out the sea treasures at the tide pools. This is a low intensity walk, though you will have to walk uphill on the beach access road and thru the residential neighborhood on the return.

There is a Ruby's Diner right up the street if you want to grab a burger. You can also head back down PCH, into the hub of Laguna Beach atmosphere.

Of course, you can actually swim in the water as well. Always be sure to use sun protection, stay hydrated and bring snacks if you don't plan on eating out. There is NO shade! 

Over all, it's a unique spot. How often do you get to take pix of a mini-castle on the beach? You can peer into the door and tiny windows to view a wooden staircase that leads all the way to the top. 

Or dream of being Rapunzel while you soak up some rays. Haha.

Start the Day Outside! 
See you next week. 

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