Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Hike Day; Haunted Hike: Deforest Park, Long Beach

Welp, I was searching for a "Haunted Hike" and this park kept showing up. Reviews were mixed so I decided to check it out. It was a bit rainy but what I didn't expect was...the nature trail to be CLOSED for construction! Boo!

There is a free parking since it's a park, there is a paved side walk along the perimeter and there are restrooms.

We followed along the sidewalk up to the nature trail gate only to be greeted by the chain link fence. Such a disappointment. We walked past the nature trail entrance toward the river bed trail. We stayed on the low side, not up to the paved river bed trail and walked along the fence. It looks like it may be horse friendly. 

We did not have any supernatural experiences but the police were a strong presence in the area. 
There was this bloody, paint mess on the bathroom wall. By the way, these park restrooms are the type with out any doors and short brick wall dividers. 

I can't recommend this park as a nature walk or trail since it was closed. I am not familiar enough with the area to recommend it at all. It had a bit of a shady vibe to it and it wasn't in the supernatural sense. There were people hanging out in the parking lot, appearing to get high in their cars. Police showed up and arrested someone while we were at the playground with our kids.

If the nature trail is ever open again, I might revisit it then. 

It's Halloween season. What!?!

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