Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Hike Day: Sycamore Canyon, Dark Canyon Trail, Whittier

We decided to take a different turn from the Sycamore Canyon trail we usually take. Keeping with the Halloween Spirit, we took the 'Dark Canyon' trail. Same small (free) parking lot and initial trail head as Sycamore Canyon.

When you reach the trail, you can turn right to continue on Sycamore Canyon Trail or continue straight to follow the Dark Trail. 

The trail is not long and eventually sort of ends or disappears when you come upon a small sign indicating you are now entering private property. It appears that going further could lead you to Rose Hills. 

It is not very high on the adventure scale. Depending on time of day could include a creepy vibe, lending itself to the perfect environment for a ghost story. Haha.

Temple at Rose Hills.

This is not a very challenging trail. While Sycamore Canyon Trail offers hills and switch backs that can be challenging, especially for beginners, Dark Canyon is fairly flat.

Great hike for newbies/beginners and when you want to be outdoors but not drive or hike very far or are limited in time.

Not stroller friendly unless you are super adventurous but safe for a child carrier or back pack.
No water when we went but depending on the season, the creek may have some water.


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