Friday, May 6, 2005

a beautiful crack head?

OK.......can tv get that much more UNrealistic?

I've watched ER forever & it's gotten pretty lame....but whatever....if I'm awake I'll watch it.Last night, it opened w/ a doctor/band singer waking up from a night partying & there's a beautiful girl in his bed..........who wants him to 'join her' again! AND she's dipping into her 'coke' stash for breakfast!Now YOU tell me.....have you EVER heard of ANYone waking up from a night of partying, that you can't even remember, next to a BEAUTIFUL crack head?

YOU KNOW, that if that was real, she'd be some skank that you'd be trying to get away from before she even woke up, she'd have bags under her dark circled & sunken in eyes & who knows what else! ppuuuuhhhllleeeeeeze!

But I do have to admit, as unrealisitc as that is....I am a little bit tired of the 'realness' of that show. Do you REALLY think I am watching TV just to see a chubby mom, working late again, feeling guilty about missing little 'cosmo', who's @ home w/ his SAH-DADDY?

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