Tuesday, July 19, 2005

5 is SO fun!

Today we went to the Nature Center. Nothing special.

But I noticed my ds, who is 5 yo, skipping along quite merrily, almost like a 'happy dance'.
When did he learn to skip?

Occasionally along the trail I would ask him, what do you think could live in there? For which most of his answers today were: a bear, a snow bear maybe?. I explained that bears would not be living @ the nature center. And a 'polar' bear would not be living in CA, but in the snow, like maybe Alaska. But that in CA we have the grizzly bear or brown bear I think.

He was counting butterflies & fascinated that there were more than what he originally counted.
He liked seeing the turtles.

He's learned to make the grapes squirt when he bites. I started this. I hold a grape between my front teeth & bite just so, & then the grape squirts who ever you have it pointed @.

We had Taco Bell for dinner. He, as usual, requested that I remove the cheese & 'salad' & as I did, stated that maybe he could just have a little salad on it.

When we were taking a quick trip to the grocery store before the park, we were getting some snacks & got carrots & he added that he wanted broccoli too. Because he 'likes' broccoli now.

Recently, on a different trip to the park, I heard him stating proudly to a 'new friend' that he was 'in kindergarten'. When did he realize this was something to be 'proud' of. I guess I did give him that impression, trying to get him excited about all the things he will be learning this year. Since we homeschool, I thought it was kinda funny.

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