Monday, July 18, 2005

Willy Wonka...not that sweet.

Ok, maybe it was the atmoshere...maybe it was the fighting kids...or maybe it was because I ended up IN the car getting my ears blasted because we had to turn the volume up tremendously so the 'outsiders' could hear the movie.......But this trip to the drive-in wasn't as satisfying as it has been in the past.

But going to see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory just didn't rate as a FUN movie-going experience this time around.

I did enjoy Johnny Depp, even though he didn't look all that attractive. My first thought was: Can we have the pirate back?

The oompa-loopa's were lacking & scary. I didn't like them @ all & I couldn't understand them & the music seemed too old, like a bad 70's folk song or something.

But besides that: I have a few questions that were left unanswered by the movie.

Ok, so 'willy' runs away as a kid & when he returns, his entire home is GONE! Ok, so WHO took off his braces? AND later he knows exactly where his father & thier home is: SO why didn't he ever return earlier AND HOW did he know where it was? And where was his mother? And how is it that the oompa-loompa's couldn't talk but they could sing entire songs?

It was fun to go see that movie but I missed the songs. I couldn't resist singing them when the appropriate time came in the story line.

I guess I will have to read the book.

My favorite line: improv is like a parlour trick, anyone can do it! {wink wink}

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