Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Another deposit to the Pet Cemetary!

ugh! NOT again, I thought when H informed yesterday that Jon Hamster aka Purple Dot was dead! He put his finger to his lips to imply to keep quiet about it.

Thinking oldest son was the one that found him I rushed to console him & asked: "The hamster's dead?" He replied,"what?".....oh dread! H gave me the 'look'. I thought he already knew!

He was so upset, naturally...what # is this now?

I'm beginning to think we ARE cursed! (IF I believed in curses that is)

Now H is out trying to replace Jon Hamster w/o the youngest 2 needing to know about it. I don't think they will even care....they didn't care about our other deceased pets.

They haven't even noticed that the cage is not in their room today, yet. H is out searching for one that is tan & white w/ red eyes? WHY did I buy the 'unique' one?

There are no red eyes to be found. I told him to just get the black eyed one & I don't think they will notice. If they do, we could always say that it's eyes just changed color, I guess.

In the quest to keep this secret, JH went out w/ todays garbage. Which upset oldest ds even more. He did not like that idea one bit. But how could we expalin another funeral for a pet we aren't even admitting died?

Oh what a tangled web we weave.....when we practice to deceive.......

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  1. This is gross, but funny. One year, we had one die and the boys wanted to have a funeral for it. Well...they put it in a ziploc bag in a shoebox in our garage...and forgot it. We found him a few months later and it was quite a site. Thank goodness, they had forgotten about the funeral they wanted to have and we were able to "hide the evidence"!! :-)


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