Friday, July 15, 2005

We met 'WALTER' today!


We went to church to prepare a film clip to promote this years VBS. While we were waiting for our children's ministry director to arrive this little boy ran through the parking lot. I thought: hmmm...he looks familiar. I asked oldest DS if he looked familiar & son said, yah, like somone on tv or something. BUT I thought: yah, but what would someone from tv being doing here!??!

Then our friend pulled up & said: KT, I think you will appreciate this: Walter is HERE! {from the tv show: LOST}(she's also a BIG fan!) THAT was why that boy looked SO familiar! But who would've ever imagined?

SQUEEEE! LOL I was so excited! Because we are BIG fans of LOST! He's a 'counselor-in-training' for our church's day camp. She asked him to help out w/ our vbs sketch as background w/ a few other kids.

He seemed sincerely nice & helpful. Unfortuneately he didn't have ANY info about the upcoming season of LOST! Did you really think I wouldn't ask?

He even was nice enough to tell the kids they did a good job on the sketch. How sweet is that?

We took a picture w/ him. My friend had her camera & it's digital so I hope she emails it to me right away! I also hope it came out & wasn't too dark or anything so you can see us all! LOL

I met somone famous! I met somone famous!
AND not just ANYONE but somone in a show I actually LOVE!

Oh what a really COOL day!

I'm SO glad we didn't go to the zoo today instead like we had been invited too! LOL

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  1. That is SOOOOO cool. And what a neat thing that he is involved in your church.



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