Friday, July 15, 2005

I am always SO surprised....

by NICE people. really.

I am not sure why but I always wonder: WHY would someone want to be nice to me? kwim?

We have been really blessed by some friends from church. So helpful & ready & willing to truly excercise the love of God. To practice God's love NOT just 'talk' about it.

I cannot begin to describe how much this touches NOT only my heart but all the way to the core of my soul.

I *THINK* this may be just a taste of what my H feels towards me & the grace I have shown him within our marriage. Something that I rarely give a second thought too but I know touches him deeply.

We are not only given 'advice' & 'prayer' which are always things to be appreciated & are, but also tangible gifts. Useful gifts.

*sniff sniff* happy tears!

I truly hope that I can be of service to another in the same way someday.
I hope that MY life will be a blessing to someone.

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