Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bicycle seats....

WHO the heck invented that little bike seat? What were they THINKING?

We recently got a bike trailer for the kiddies to ride in. It's the best thing! Especially w/ these gas prices! :( I have been riding for the sake of riding, every morning for the past 3 days. 5 miles a ride. My city has great bicycle lanes. Get em' up, load em' in & we're off!

After that first ride though...I felt as if I had been riding a very skinny horse...for the FIRST time! My behind was so sore! I insisted on purchasing a new, very padded, seat! Comfort was of utmost concern.

I plan on riding that thing everywhere & replace driving for running errands. Eventually we will actually ride to a destination. I think I have to work up to it though. So for now, it's just a 'ride', one giant 5 mile circle home. lol

Ride ON!!!!!

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