Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'm melting...melting...mmmellllting...

Contrary to popular belief I am NOT the wicked witch!

But it is SO hot these past 5 days, I swear I've lost 5lbs just from sweating!

It's too hot to eat anything BUT cold cereal. Too hot to do anything but sleep!

Yesterday, I made my bed, then laid on my back spread eagle under the ceiling fan....trying not to stick to any other body part! It's THAT hot!

But of course, dd, comes & wants to lay w/ me & touch my skin.......she's addicted to me!

I ate all my chocolate yesterday, I had too, it was starting to melt sitting on my dresser. Anyway, I needed sustenance because it was too hot to eat anything else & you wouldn't want me to starve now would you?

Trying to beat the heat & get out of the house early for the 5 mile bike rides we've been doing is near impossible.We finally made it out BEFORE 9am on Friday (which is no easy feat & quite an accomplishment for the ktbunch). It was 8:50 & I was sweating by the time I got down the driveway....from the GARAGE! I opened that front door & it felt like noon!

The worst part is, going @ a pretty good pace makes some wind on us, so there is not sweat until we stop & get in the house...then it's pouring down us. I keep needing to tuck my tank top up under the breasts to absorb the sweat..ok I I think that was TMI. sorry!

Ok, it's just after 5pm & I need to go take a shower. I'm so salty I could cause a heart attack!

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