Thursday, September 1, 2005

The Pink Ladies.

A few months ago, a bunch of us 'moms' decided to get together. No Bible study. No pre-plan. No agenda. Just the 'girlz', whoever wanted to join. We met @ Starbucks & grabbed a tiny table outside, some coffee (except me, I don't do coffee lol) & talked the night away. We ended the evening promising to get together again & I dubbed us: The Pink Ladies.

It's been a few months but we finally got back together. Same place, same time-ish. This time we needed 3 tiny tables. My freaky self arrived fashionably late, sporting my newly sewed skirt, riding my ds skooter w/ the light up wheels! What a crack up!

IT was wonderful. We laughed (uproariously), we disagreed, & overall had a very nice time amongst women of various ages, seasons of life, personalities & backgrounds. Our main commonality....our Faith.

So many times, we women, are so busy taking care of everyone else, that the times of life pass us by & we are too busy for each other. Last night we made the time for US. It's not always easy but we need each other. I know I do.

A few Pink Ladies are in a marraige accountability group together {time to focus on marraige}, a few join in play groups {time to focus on children} & all of us attend different services @ church {time to focus on God}. This time was about...nothing in particular. lol

How refreshing a few hours out w/ the 'girlz' was.

I can't wait till next time! :o)

So next time you're out & about...if you see a very diversified group of women having WAY TOO MUCH fun outside of Starbucks, don't worry, it's probably The Pink Ladies! ;o)

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