Friday, September 2, 2005

A New Level of Nuerosis....

I think I hit a new level of freakdom today. I was hanging out my laundry on the clothesline this afternoon (because I LIKE too). It was a pink/red/orange load. ( I wash my clothes by color, you can say that my laundry is 'color coordinated'!) lol

So anyway...I had a line of red t-shirts w/ one orange one & the next object up was to be a darling pink dress of dd. I hung it up & realized that it just didn't 'go' w/ the line of red t-shirts.

So I HAD to take it down & put it on the next line w/ her other dresses & the pink clothes.

Then I replaced it w/ a pair of ds orange & red swimming trunks.

So there is a full line of red & orange & a full line of pink.

All good now. ;o)

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  1. OK, KT.. that IS pretty bad (and funny). LOL!


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