Sunday, November 27, 2005

Romantic Holiday Decorating

With the holidays upon us.....I'm sure we're getting our homes in festive order, & scouring the stores for the best deals on gifts ect. But why not extend the holiday cheer into the bedroom?

It's not hard to brighten up a bedroom for the holidays. The obvious thing to do is to use the bed as the focal point of the room. Buy a string of colored or clear lights & string them around the head board, windows, cieling or wall for some romantic mood lighting. Don't forget the mistletoe...make sure it's right above your bed and/or in the doorway leading to the bedroom! ;) You can even hang a cheerful wreath above the bed.

If you don't have much to decorate w/ then declutter! That makes even the tiniest of rooms look fresh & inviting. Clutter can be feel smothering. Set up a cluster of candles of various heights on a dresser, preferably in Christmas colors.

Don't forget to decorate yourself! Why not invest in a tiny, sexy, faux santa suit! Something satiny & red, trimmed in white fur? You can even go basic & more practical but still fun & sexy by purchasing a matching bra & panty set in red & if you wanted you can trim it yourself, in some white fun fur! lol For the totally FUN but frugal minded.....present yourself, one night, in nothing but a bright red bow! Strategically placed perhaps?

When creating your Christmas Card list...don't forget to create one specially for H. Add a little love note or a 'reservation':
"Meet me in the bedroom @ 8pm for a little hot & heavy Christmas Gift UNwrapping!"

For some extra special 'intimate' can always check out
my website for sexy gift giving.

Happy Romantic Holidays & a Very Sexy & Merry Christmas to you! ;o)

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