Friday, December 2, 2005

Bring back the Clapper!

Whatever happened to that thing anyways? You know that thing that you clapped your hands & the lights would turn on or off.

Why don't they make clappers for other things? I'm REALLY wishing I had a clapper on my digi camera right now. I can't find that thing & it would be so convenient if I could just clap my hands & it clapped back or made a beep or something. kwim?

I keep thinking I could just call it like my cell & have it ring me it's whereabouts. I know everyone does that too. Lose your phone & call it to find it. Admit it. Maybe that's the REAL reason they invented camera phones.

HOW does a person lose a camera anyway? One day your looking at, uploading or taking pix & the next day you can't remember which it was & it's mysteriously GONE! Don't ask me because I obviously DON'T know cause if I did, believe me, I would have avoided it!

aarrgghh! :o(

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