Monday, January 2, 2006

Am I speaking English?

Earlier in the day, I instruct 5.5 yo to put away his laundry that is in the laundry basket. He takes the ENTIRE basket into his room to do this.

Next time I see him I ask him if he put his clothes away & he says yes. Later I instruct him & 3.5 yo dd to get the laundry basket & get the whites from the dryer & put them into the basket.

He comes back w/ a few white items of clothing from the dirty clothes hamper & tells me there is not enough to make a full load. ???

I explain that I want him to get he whites from the dryer & put them into the laundry basket...the one that is in his room. It seems to be taking quite awhile so I go to check up on them....they are hauling the laundry hamper, full of dirty clothes, from the bathroom to the laundry room. ????

I explain, again, that I want him to unload the dryer & put the clothes into the basket, that is in his room. I walk to his room to show it to is filled w/ his clean laundry....still! aarrggh.

I rebuked him for being disobedient & lying about his laundry being put away. He promptly puts them away & head towards the laundry room, Then he informs me that the clothes are still wet. I go to check & he is taking the laundry from the washer to put into the dryer. ????

I rexplain the situation to him & dd, they finally get it right.

Then I am washing the kitchen sink & I ask him to bring me the can of Ajax that is on the edge of the tub, from the bathroom. He brings me the toilet scrubber. ???

If this is a sign of things to is going to be a VERY long year! lol :o)


  1. I am convinced that the "even numbered" younger years (6, 8, 10..) are precursors to the teen years. Hang in there!

  2. Woo hoo girly - you have your hands full! It'll all come out in the wash! Don't worry! ;o)


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