Friday, February 17, 2006

This is INSANE!

I went this morning....after 10 took awhile for the ktbunch to get ready. Didn't they realize how nerve wracking this was?

Finally, we are there......NO cast list! The call-back sheet is still up though, indicating to me that noone had even been there yet.

They said it would be up in the MORNING. Less than 2 hours & it would already be AFTER NOON! What is wrong w/ these people?

I drove back home & took the ktbunch to the library....deliberately NOT paying attention to the time. As I went to check-out....the check-out girl told me one of my 'reserved' items was 'in'. The Grease Original Broadway Soundtrack. I wanted to tell her, "A little late, the audition was LAST night!". I didn't.

I drove back to the school....the call back sheet was down but NO cast list! aarrrggghhh! I wondered if someone would actually steal it or something? I called H & gave him the latest including my hair brained thoughts.

I saw a guy drive up & go check....nope, still not there. I saw a guy that works in the theatre department, drive up. He stayed in his car for quite awhile, talking on his cell phone. HE was obviously in NO hurry! I waited. He didn't have anything in his a WHITE piece of paper, aka: the cast list!

I saw him look in a trashcan....could it be? NO WAY!

Finally he came walking down the steps....still on his cell phone...& asked me if I was waiting for the cast list...YES! Apparently somone DID steal it. He thinks someone was NOT too happy by it.....He assured me it would be up by 3:00 PM!

I'm gonna have NO nails left or be horribly sick by all the nervous munching {on a huge bag of P-nut M&M's} I'm doing!

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  1. Oh my goodness....I ate a thin mint for you just reading this post....

    Btw, I think it's a theater thing to be on a different time clock than the rest of the world. ;-)


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