Friday, February 17, 2006

There's NO 'ensemble'?

Nope! Only 'lead' & 'supporting' roles!

I guess it's not like the movie where there are all these 'extras'!

So I can't feel TOO bad since my chances were1 in 7 of being cast. (there were only 7 female roles, not counting the teacher) I thought for sure there would be an 'ensemble' like in Westside Story.
Maybe if I had realized I was vying for a 1 in 7 spot....I might have put more effort into it. Oh well.

Oh well. I'm REALLY bummed! Now I have to let everyone know that I DIDN'T make it.
I take some consolation in the fact that there are @ least 30 other girls totally bumming out right now too.....if not more.

Thanks for all the support anyway.


Hey....maybe Patty Simcox will break her ankle....& I'll get a call? ;o)

I want to cry....I think I'll just go finish off my giant bag of P-nut m&m's instead. :o( ;o)


  1. We love Grease!! You can come over and do a one woman show of Grease for the Zandi Bunch anytime. We promise a packed house. ;-)

    I'm sorry Kt. Like I said earlier, you should be proud of yourself. You inspired me to try things I thought I was too old or "mommy" like for.

  2. I'm so sorry....but hooray for you for persevering.

  3. I know it's a bummer, but you got out there, auditioned and made yourself available - Kudos to you!


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