Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Headboards are Over- Rated Anyway.....

I finally deflated the air mattress & took apart my bed. My 'bed' is now my mattress on stilts. lol No not real stilts but it is sitting on 2x4s.

Actually I wanted it this way about 3 or so years ago when L was a baby, still in her crib but I put it back together anyway.

It feels SO comfortable. I am SO looking fwd to a good nights REST & sleep. The dreams I have been having---freaky! And it's DH day OFF tomorrow woohoo! So we can stay up LATE & sleep IN if we like. I have a feeling....we will! ;o)

It looks funny though cause everything else in the room is midway or above eye level & then whoosh! your eye goes down to the floor when it gets to the bed. It's not very aesthetic or pleasing to the eye, so I might have to rearrange everything now or else it will drive me crazy cause it's 'uneven'. kwim?

Good night! ;o)


  1. You are cracking me up with the whole bed series.

    I bet it looks fine. We didn't get a real bed until a year and a half ago. We always had a basic bed rail (low to the ground too, couldn't put anything under the bed) and then the bed on that. It worked and we slept. That's all that matters. ;-)

  2. Yeah I don't have a headboard either although I do have my bed on a frame that is about 6 inches off the ground. . . .;o)


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