Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Let's rethink this a bit....

Ok, so H 'duty' is to go to work & provide for the family right? ok.

W 'duty' is to 'care' for said family & household & household's laundry, household's food, buy food, buy laundry (clothes), clean household, teach household, buy cleaning supplies fto clean household, make sure household always has ample supply of clean undies & matching socks.....AND THEN we get to be 'resourceful' & not only feed the household but feed from SCRATCH & not only clothe the household but MAKE the clothing & then become MORE crafty so we can SELL stuff to help unburden H load of "providing for the family".

Do you SEE where I am going w/ this? I am exhausted just typing it.
My friend pointed something out the other day....the men get to have a 'lawn service', I know MINE does & I don't begrudge him one bit about it & when he didn't, *I* & oldest mowed most of the time...........but she also pointed out: then why don't WE have a housekeeping service? hhmmmm??? good question.

I think there is a giant conspiracy going on here. I don't think most ladies REALLY have it all together like they claim they do. I just don't see HOW they get it 'all' done, all day, every day.

Someone else pointed out something I had NEVER noticed about this whole Prov. 31 Woman idea....did you ever notice that she had SERVANTS? Well DUH! That's why she could arise so early, she only had to make some breakfast for her servant girls & then THEY could take care of everything else. NO wonder she had time to make clothes for her family.

Supposedly Solomon wrote this about his mother....Bathsheba...okay she was married to the KING, which made her the QUEEN right? SO you tell me how hard her life was & how much HARD work she REALLY did on a daily basis.

If that is to be our goal, I totally agree, lets start w/ the servant girls. Where are they? I'd love to arise early & make a nice breakfast knowing someone else was going to clean it up for me. Wouldn't you?

Who's bright idea was it that ONE woman had to be responsible for 5 rooms & all the people living in it & all their stuff too? (kitchen, bathroom, living room & 2 bedrooms, not even counting extra bedroom or bathrooms, dining room or den, backyard or garage!!!!)

I think we need to find this guy & knock some sense into him. ;o)


  1. KT, it's funny because the book I read this weekend about the Hollywood Nanny is kind of about this same thing. She says, many of the stars want to give the impression that they are superparents. They want everyone to think "Wow, she/he has it so together a busy social life, a career, and a wonderful parent." But the fact is...they DON'T do it without help. It's a facade. They have housekeepers, personal assistants, nannies, etc.

    I REALLY loved the day I hired a Mommy's Helper to just come help me with the little things. It's a great job for a teen who wants to earn some extra cash. And eventually, I was able to hire an adult to help out....and I am SO THANKFUL for this ability.

  2. Well, as soon as I get pregnant and have to then return to work, I'm praying we'll be in a place to have someone come help out a few hours a day . . .

    I don't like having to be superwoman.


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