Monday, April 10, 2006

Weekend Update!

Whew! Ugh! What a non-restful weekend. It wasn't the weekend itself that was the problem it's my still BROKEN bed! aarrggghhh.

My dad said he had a side rail for me that I could have---ok, so I wouldn't have to put my bed on the floor afterall. It was late Friday when he told me so I said I'd get it the next day.

Saturday I was up early for a business meeting. I am on the committee so I always have to arrive early to set up & decorate (it's my specialty ;o)) I still arrived late this time though. After that, I rushed home, my meeting ended late!

I planned on finishing up DD outfit that I had made the top to. We had my nephews birthday party to go to, so I only had about an hour. I plunged right in, got the pants finished, but not w/o a few glitches. I made them too tight @ first, so I added a triangle to the front & back, added a trim to the top to avoid 'crack' when she bent over and put elastic. For some reason they kept falling down. Not sure what to do about that.

Finally arrived to nephews birthday party, we were late, as usual. I knew it would be ok though. He got a new bike & we bought him his helmet. We would have stayed longer but it was breezy cold & I really wanted to put my bed together.

It has been nothing but horror sleeping on the air mattress in the living room. Not only does it take up my entire living room but it is hard & so uncomfortable. I have been cranky & depressed just thinking about the sleep I am NOT getting. I toss & turn all night, have weird dreams & am cold to boot!

I bought a new tool that I needed to take apart the bed, since I never found the original one. I picked up the rail, got it home, took apart the mattresses (they are quite heavy) & of course the rails are TOO short! Even after dad insisted they were 'all the same'! So it's back to square one....taking apart the bed & putting the mattresses on the floor but by then it was just too late.

E worked late all weekend. We tried to get up early to go to church Sunday morning (we normally go Sunday night) since E went in late...but we were all moseying along way too long. So we walked to breakfast instead. The ktbunch & I went to church later as usual. Still no bed. I am tired & frustrated!

Instead I washed & hung new curtains. I bought curtain rods, first time EVER & a few new curtain panels for the living room. (again, first time EVER) & oldest ds & I installed the last of them last night. I also did an impromptu spring cleaning of the bathroom. I really LOVE cleaning the if someone else would just take care of my kitchen.....AND my bed.

wah wah waaaaaaahhhh! Somebody, anybody, call the WAHmbulance! lol

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  1. You crack me up!!

    Sorry about the bed situation. It's not fun when you can't get a comfy night's sleep.


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