Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nobody Walks in LA....

but I ride my bike! lol Remember that song from the 80's?

It is SO true but w/ these outrageous gas prices, I am determined to DO something. It's not that hard. I am blessed to live in an area where I have 2 grocery stores, 2 Targets, Walgreens, a mall, Bally's, "Restaurant Row", Post office, library, 2 parks & church all within LESS than a 5 min. drive!

So WHY am I even driving in the first place? I drove on fumes ALL weekend & I was about to put gas, finally, on Sunday when I noticed the prices! EEEEKKK! $3.25 for regular @ ARCO! The 'cheapie' gas! (someone has to be pay for their latest ad campaign!)

I said NO WAY! Went home & parked my car. I refused to put gas @ those prices. The ktbunch & I got our bikes out of the {broken} garage. We rode to the library instead. {it's national turn off the tv week too, btw. ;o) } I fully planned on riding my bike to church that evening too like we used to.....UNTIL I spaced out & thought church started an hour later than it did.

Boycotts only work if you're NOT running late. haha. Thinking I had plenty of time & could leave in 10 min. & be pretty early....I realized we were actually 20 min LATE! So we quickly hopped in the car......the fumes could last for 3 more min. of driving. lol

Monday, I had some more errands, I left the car parked. We went to the library & post office & Target, all on the bikes. (the post office & library are right next to each other). It was nice.

Tuesday was my mom's group @ the mall.(not the one nearby! lol) Whew! My body could tell I hadn't done that ride in awhile. What used to take me 25-30 min...took 35! Oh! & that hill! We even rode the bikes all the way home too. (dh used to pick us up) I can't even remember the last time we did that.

Apparently the TaeBo hasn't really been doing much for me. I could feel muscles burning that I hadn't felt since doing my old VHS Buns of Steel. lol

I was also planning on going grocery shopping via my 2 wheels, but I got too busy. Then the 'teacher' called & needed some paperwork that I was going to 'mail' to her, right unless she wanted to wait about an hour, I could not ride my I had to put gas & drive out to meet her. I only put $10, which put me barely above E. Better than the poor guy who used the pump before me, they only put $7 & that was barely over 2 gallons. yikes!

I also told the ktbunch it was 'turn off the tv week'. It was a good reason to not allow movies or videos games.....(that was on Tuesday). I also knew that it wouldn't hold when DH had his days off Wed. & Thurs. lol Neither would my driving boycott, but that's ok. We took his car anyway. ;o)

We are so spoiled though. The $$$ for these gas prices have to come from somewhere. And many people out there have a bare bones budget as it is. So where do you think it's coming from? The GROCERY budget!

And many people are not as blessed as I am to live 5 min. from a grocery store. Many families already only make 2 trips a month to 'town'. So what now? What about now that those measly 2 trips are costing twice to 3x as much?

I don't see anyone getting a raise to accomodate the gas hike, do you? Many people do not use their cars for liesure but only for basic necesseties like working already.

I am truly going to change my 'habits' cause that is really all it is. I do not need to drive around town. Everything I need to do is within walking distance. The weather is very accomodating where I live, to being outdoors.

Maybe if we really rethink our priorities, we can survive this outrageousness. And maybe if we curb our unnecessary driving habits, it will cause prices to drop because it will create an excess instead of shortage or whatever it is that is encouraging this ridiculousness.

We are a nation of overweight spoiled brats, we could stand to sweat a little. lol

@ least if gas prices don't drop anytime soon (& I don't expect them too) I should be looking REAL hot this summer. ;o)

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