Friday, April 7, 2006

Why does MY life always have to be an 'Adventure'?

Why can't I just have a boring, steady, everything in it's place life?

My bed is broke....overall it's ok but ONE side of the frame is bent beyond repair so if you lay on the feels like you are going to roll off....too many cannon balls on the bed I think from the ktbunch & what not.

The bed itself is about 10 years old anyway but I love it, it's wrought iron w/ a canopy but I only use the head of it so I can hang lights & stuff.....ANYWAY....So *I* slept on that side for 2 nights & I refuse to sleep on it again, my back is SO aching & I barely even slept.

I thought I can either A)buy a new bed RIGHT NOW or B)take the bed apart & put the mattresses on the floor. I actually HAVE $$$ to purchase a bed...but how often does THAT happen for us? I thought I shouldn't spend that $$$ because w/ MY life...something will happen & then I won't have ANY $$$$ to deal w/ it...ya know?

So I decide to just take apart the bed, it's not too crazy under there, mostly boxes of junk, but @ least it's boxed right?

Well, S opened the garage (automatic) while my car was parked IN FRONT OF IT. This is signifigant because 1) it won't open @ all now 2) it's the logical place to relocate the boxes under the bed 3) there is a tool I need called a 'key' to unscrew all the special screws on my bed & I think it may be in the garage!!!!

I can put the boxes in the 'lair' (this other room connected to the garage) BUT I can't find that stupid tool now! Last time I saw it was w/ H paintball gear, which is IN THE GARAGE!I fought w/ the garage door this morning & got it open enough for my SKIINY oldest to get in was our one chance...but like most boys/13 yo? he brings out ONE bag of paintball gear & all it has in it are the GUNS NOT any tools!!!! aaarrrggghhh! AND he cannot 'see' anymore gear bags!!!!The garage has NO other door, the only way IN or OUT is the garage door!!! And it makes a horrific sound just trying to open it. I think the gears may be stripped.

So now that I have decided to put the mattresses on the floor AND even IF I bought a new bed....I can NOT take apart my old one!!!!I saw my EXACT bed @ Big Lots for $80!!! But I am not going to buy the SAME bed when I all I need is a new side bed frame rail. IF I am going to get a NEW bed, it will be a NEW bed! kwim?

I am scouring the house in every concieveable place I can think of ever seeing that darn tool & it's NOWHERE! But I found the staple gun & staples so I can reupholster my dining room chairs again! aarrgggghhhh!

How do you LOSE a tool like that????


  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! You are so dramatic! I love it! Hopefully you've found that darn tool by now. . .

  2. Did you end up finding it??? :-)


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