Saturday, May 13, 2006

But I look good....

I had quite a busy, busy day today. It was my normally scheduled sales celebration today & I usually dress attractively for it. Make-up, cute floral summery dress & high heels.

Later in the evening DS had a beach party to attend. We were rushing & since I had make-up on & looked cute, I decided to stay dressed in my dress & heels, instead of changing into something more 'practical' like jeans & tennies....& since I thought I'd only be 'dropping him off'.

Well, when we got to the beach, I did not know what life guard tower the party was @. I thought I could just call them when I got there but the # I had was not thier cell phones but their home phone. I drove around for quite some time to find a free parking spot...sat there for awhile...felt guiltier & guiltier because i just wanted to go home...

Then I was able to get in touch w/ DH who gave me the # of someone else attending the party, who was able to direct us to the right life guard station. yay!

EXCEPT, I was in a summery dress & heels....walking down the rough beach asphalt.....I could do that or take off my heels & walk slower in the sand barefoot.

I chose to throw on ds's zippered sweatshirt w/ a hood (since it was getting quite chilly) & hold my head up & walk, in my lovely & stylish brown heels, down the rough asphalt.

2 lifeguard towers later...we found them. I took off my heels & stepped onto the beach. We ended up staying for a while, had burgers then it got TOO cold to bear it much longer.

Another parent, my friend, offered to give ds a ride home, since she lives right by us. She also wondered, "WHO wears HEELS to the beach?" when she noticed a pair sitting by the fire pit. lol

Oh! Only a very vain person, I'm sure. lolololol

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