Monday, May 15, 2006

Weekend Update!

BUSY weekend this weekend. Everyone & their MOTHER planned events this weekend. lol

We had an EXCELLENT Improv show on Friday night. It was AMAZING. Dh created & taught us some new formats & they worked quite well. The theater was pretty full...@ least 40 or so people. My aunt was in town visiting from OR & my mom surprised her by bringing her to the show.

Dh created a story format...we bought a giant sketch/art pad....he sits in the lobby as guests arrive & take suggestions on pictures to draw. He's a great sketch artist too. Then during the show, the format is: to get a suggestion from the audience for a 'story' & then 2 players tell the story, taking cues from the sketches, that they have NEVER seen before until they flip up the pages of the giant sketch pad.

Sylvia & I did this really well in rehearsal so Dh had us do it Friday night as well. The only difference was this time, S started instead of me, since she stood up on the right. (right always starts) We were great & got lots of laughs. The story ran a bit too long...but it was funny. Our pictoral explanations were also too lengthy but it was still entertaining & amusing. It was great too, because the other players were sitting upstage, behind us so they couldn't see the pix we were talking about until AFTER we had flipped them over, so then we would get a double laugh once they saw what we were talking about.

Dh also changed up the 'sabotage'. He narrowed it down to only 4 sabotages & he chose J to be the sabatuer. The audience had a choice of,:
1. gloves--the player can ONLY talk when they touch someon e7 they must touch in a new way each time.
2. face mask-- the player can NOT talk
3. earphones--the player can NOT hear anything that is being said on stage or anywhere else
4. blinfold--these were safety goggles painted black, the player can NOT see anything.

The audience chose the goggles & the sabatuer was PERFECT! I think it was his best show yet. He did not necessarily need to be blind...but he could not see.

@ one point I forgot he couldn't see & I left him on stage as I walked back to sit then he was feeling around for a moment to try & find his seat...the audience loved it.

We all ended the show feeling so UPbeat & great about it. Unfortunately, everyone else has a real life & doesn't really want to do shows EVERY week. So it looks like we won't be doing more than 2x a month & possibly less, depending on when the theater is available. :(

Saturday I had my sales meeting in the morning & a youth team meeting in the afternoon right after. I was supposed to have a business party but fortuneatly, they had to cancel.

DS had his beach birthday party, SIL invited me to a baby shower for her sister, but I had to decline attending that.

Sunday, DH had to work, but he was nice enough to take us out to brunch in honor of Mother's Day. My gift to myself was to SEW! GUILT FREE! I did pretty much nothing else that day. I finally made dd the adorable dress I had been wanting to make for a few months now w/ this fabulously cheerful & bright fabric I had. In the evening I went to my mom's to hang out a bit.

I had also ordered myself a book set from NGJ, Created To Be His HelpMeet & For Ladies Only by Shaunti Feldman. (I already had a copy of CTBHHM but leant it to someone so I decided to let them have it & get another copy & extra, since they were having a special on the set)

We spent the Spanish Mother's day (may 10) w/ MIL so we celebrated on that day w/ her & brought her flowers.

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