Thursday, May 11, 2006

I don't make this stuff up.

We went to Disneyland today & it turned out, surprisingly, HOT.
It was over-cast & cool that morning. Good thing I listened to DH recommendation that I leave my sweater in the car, instead of wering it as I normally like too.
I wore jeans & tennis shoes & as the day progressed, my feet alone, were burning up which made me feel hotter & hotter.

I also normally wear an undershirt tank-top, so that I don't inadvertantly show midriff or worse. ;o) I was starting to get a little sweaty.

Dh was also wearing a couple layers, a button up shirt w/ a black t-shirt underneath. He suggested we take off our undershirts. I went to the restroom to take L & change. As I was changing I started thinking that now I was going to have to carry around this tank top for the rest of the day & wondered if I should just toss it in the trash.

Of course that would be wasteful but would the convenience be worth it? I hung it on my purse, hanging on the stall door to help L. As we got ready to leave, I flushed, grabbed my purse & swung it around onto my shoulder ONLY to see my tank top fall into the toilet!

GASP! It started going down & I grabbed the very edge quickly, the last dry spot. I shuddered to think how embarrassing it would be to clog up a toilet in the 'Happiest Place on Earth'! kwim?

I held it up for a few moments to let it drip & then...tossed it in the trash. Ok well, the decision was clearly made for me.

As we went to wash & dry our hands, I realized, under my pink t-shirt, I was clearly wearing a BLACK bra! I forgot THAT was another reason I had worn the tank top.

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