Thursday, May 11, 2006

Comfort IS important

We were off to our weekly trip to Disney...{have I mentioned how much I LOVE those passes? I know...ONLY a million times! lol}

L looked exceptionally cute that day. She had some new hand-me down jeans w/ pink embroidered flowers on the legs, a pink floral shirt, pink butterfly barrettes, her pink slip on Easter shoes (which I finally found behind her drawers, in the closet) & her pink poncho! Picture Perfect Pink! ;o) ding!

When we arrived, got out of the car & started walking to from the parking structure to the tram, she was complaining that her foot hurt & kinda started limping. She said her shoe was hurting her.

I told her we'd figure it out when we got to the tram. She said she had a 'cut'. I told her not to worry, we'd get a band-aid. Her complaints started to get whinier & non-stop. I told her we'd get a tissue to cushion it as soon as we got to a restroom.

We weren't even out of the parking structute yet.

When we got to the tram, we looked. Sure enough, she had one of those tiny wounds, right under her ankle bone, where the top of the shoe rubs the bottom of the ankle. I don't think the shoe caused it but that it was already there & was aggravating it.

We got on the tram & when we exitted, by Downtown Disney, DH carried her & walked us right into the Disney store to buy her some socks. Our 'day' had not even begun!

Of course the socks were highly over priced! Dh did not care...but I did. We settled on a slightly too big pair that was ONLY $6.50 as opposed to a 2 pair set that looked more likely to fit for $12.00!!!! We bought them, & like a prince putting on Cinderella's glass slippers, DH helped L put her new socks & Easter shoes back on.

All I could think of was how the socks had a pic of sleeping beauty on them & hot pink accents, bunched up in the back & totally did NOT match her outfit. It looked funky w/ the pink slip on Easter shoes.

NOPE! Still hurt! aarrggghh. DH instructed me to find her some shoes. There were some pink tinkerbell tennis shoes....I suggested we try them on FIRST before purchasing & spending the $20! yikesabee...I NEVER spend that much on my kids shoes.

Well, those STILL hurt. We started looking around for something different & L questioned why she couldn't just go in the park in only her socks???

We spotted a pair of slipper looking mint green colored Jasmine shoes. I shuddered to think how funky THAT would look! I suggested we keep looking for something similiar but in pink.

We found some slip-ons that were quite adorable w/ a price to match. They were covered in pale pink sequins & beads from heel to toe, top to bottom. AND $28!!! :0

She slipped them on & as if by magic, after proclaiming how beautiful they were, she let us know, the did NOT hurt. lol

And they matched very cutely. Mother & dd both pleased....& comfortable. lol
By the end of the day, the sequins on the toe had all come off {sigh} but that's ok, right? Better than having a sore foot.

BUT I wondered...wouldn't a band-aid have been just as sufficient? lol

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