Saturday, July 22, 2006

They're FISH!

Yep, that is what my littles have turned into.

BOTH of them can swim now. And I'm not referring to dog paddling either. They can both swim UNDER water. It's amazing what getting in the pool every day @ the crack of dawn will do. lol

I noticed thier progression every day...first they'd challenge each other to put thier heads under water, then they questioned whether they could actually see under water, then they would plug their noses to see how long they could hold thier breath under.

Eventually they chose to actually move forward underwater, picking up thier feet, no longer standing.

Kinda like real life hanh? lol

I literally had NOTHING to do w/ it either. I never pushed them. I allowed them to play & enjoy themselves. Before I knew it, they were calling to me to watch them 'swim'. I had no idea they really meant it.

Before your eyes they grow, in a flash, a blink.....there is no mercy for the 'busy'.

S lost another 'toof'. {sigh} Two teeth, too fast.

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  1. They DO grow so quickly, don't they? It's hard to watch.


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