Friday, September 8, 2006

I'm STILL a dork!

I have 2 pair of favorite jeans, but 1 is more favorite than the other because they 'fit better', meaning they are not tight, ever.

So the other day I grab the tight ones & pull them on...woohoo! They are loose. I felt pretty good about that. It was the day we took my mom to the oncologist. I vainly admired myself in the office windows thinking I actually looked nice, in my newly loose jeans.

Later that night, I realized I was NOT wearing the tight jeans to begin w/! I was wearing my already loose jeans! :o/ lol

My dad took my mom to the doctor today. She was still running her fever, & started vomitting again, alot. They suspect it may be her gall bladder & it that it may need to be removed. This is so confusing because when they were @ the hospital they said the gall bladder all looked good & there were no gall stones.

My brother just called to update me. The doctor upped the dosage on her pain patch. She is severly dehydrated, probably from the vomitting. Said to include some salt in her diet, water retention. He also give her something to help her sleep, said she needs her rest. Also noticed that she may be coming down w/ pnuemonia from the vomitting? So prescribed another antibiotic to knock it out right away.

The rest part does not make sense to me. She is tired ALL day. SO how could she need more rest? Is the tiredness cause she NEEDS the rest or is it from the medications? How does a person go from being fine but a little run down 3-4 weeks ago to barely being able to be awake for a few minutes or hours @ a time?

Is this the cancer progression? Does it move that fast? And if she is already this tired all the time & chemo is supposed to make it worse...then what is the point? What is the point of living a few weeks longer if you are only going to sleep them away anyway?

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