Tuesday, September 19, 2006



When my mom first went into the hospital we cleaned/straightened up & decluttered her kitchen, adding decorative touches that she had stored away. Ok, fine. That was nice.

Then my SIL moved into her bedroom & redid all of that, moving right on to the connected spare room. She even ripped out the carpet, to reveal lovely wood floors underneath. She again, cleaned, decluttered & straighted up, including the closet.

Moving right along into the hallway that included 2 closets. Moving down the hallway to my grandma's old room. Got THAT in tip top shape. The girl doesn't stop.

Well, the other day I was @ Walmart & found a perfectly darling chubby chef border that would match my mom's kitchen all too well. Of course I bought it....but I made the mistake of showing my mom instead of just putting it up while she was gone. My mom said the kitchen needed to be painted first. aarrgghh.

SIL then said, 'buy the paint & I'll do it tonight'. They didn't...but they went out & got some new bedroom furniture. SIL offered to paint the bedroom for them. ok. They bought the bedroom paint yesterday, forgot the kitchen paint. She went in there & by evening had half the room done.

I almost felt guilty. BUT she refused to have anyone help her because she said she would get upset if someone was helping her & didn't do it 'right'. {ie: her way} lol SO that settled it. No guilt from me. lol Apparently, she's a bit of a control freaky. ;-)


  1. When she's done with your Mom's place, could you send her to the other coast??? I could use someone with that type of energy in my neck of the woods.

    What a blessing!!

  2. Yeah - ditto. I need someone to help me finish painting my new sunroom. My back is hurting so bad! Yikes


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