Saturday, September 23, 2006

Up, down, up, down, up down.....STOP already!

Thursday, my mom's legs began swelling very badly. Her doctor sent her to the ER to check for blood clots. All clear. She also started vomitting again, never sure why. She also took her sleeping pill (half) around 1:00 am which makes ehr groggy all day. She did not think she would need it but when she woke up & was unable to go back to sleep, she took it. She commented that she was 'depressed' & couldn't sleep. Not a good sign.

I kept asking when she'd like to go to Disneyland.....but she was afriad she would be too tired & 'ruin everyones' time. I assured her that would not happen...but still, no go. Friday mornign was her first chemotherapy appointment, it was uneventful.

Later, I insisted that my dad take a 'break' & go w/ us to Disneyland. He didn't really want to but my mom helped talk him into it.

My aunt came in from OR on Thursday morning so I told him it would probably be good to let them spend some time together while we go hang out @ Disneyland. He reluctantly agreed. It wasn't that fun, but it was ok. The weather doesn't help, it was over cast & chilly all day.

My dad treated the ktbunch to coonskin caps! lol We went on a few rides, then we all realized we were hungry, which made us naturally, we went home. lol

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