Monday, January 29, 2007

Check your incline, DORK!

Ok, so the other day (2 posts ago) I wrote about 'increase day' & how hard it was.....unbelievably hard. I thought I had hit some sort of 'emotional road block'.....WELL...I was SO discouraged, I didn't even attempt to run all weekend (2 days).

Tonight I went back @ it again & tried to set the distance like I did the other night....3.5...except it jsut kept doing the incline & no distance....

Well, APPARENTLY, the treadmill ONLY sets the incline NOT the distance. Imagine! So when I thought I was struggling to run 3.5 mi...REALLY I was running @ a 3.5 INCLINE!

So tonight.....I RAN a full mile...2x! WOOHOO! I finished a 5k (3.1 mi), including warm up & cool down & my total work out was only 45 min.

It took me almost 12 min to run the 2nd mile @ 5mph....(which doesn't seem to add up mathematically???)

Anyway...YAY me! I am SO excited now. :D

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  1. Oh no...I can't imagine the relief you felt when you figure that out!!

    Keep going.



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