Thursday, March 22, 2007

Currently reading & HIGHLY recommend:

I am a bit farther than half-way through this book. It is FABULOUS & personally, *I* think it is a MUST read for ANY parent.

SO much to think about. Good stuff. Real practical advice...& you know what it starts w/? YOU. Not your child/teen but YOU.

What attitude are you giving off about 'true love'? Are you cynical? positive? Are you living a good example of 'true love', if you are married?

A challenging book well worth BUYING. A friend lent it to me but I am going to purchase it for future reference.

I am ALSO currently reading:

This is very encouraging. Basically it tosses out any preconceived notion of any standardized grief, stages, getting 'over it' or 'moving on'.

No, it doesn't promote being overwhelmed by grief but acknowledges that grief is not exactly a wound that will 'heal'

It's pretty much w/ you forever & you just get 'used' to it being there. NOT everyone goes through stages & everyone has a different time frame.

It says it's ok to KEEP your grief.
I like it.

And I am in a women's small group Bible study w/ this book. It contains simple, short devotionals but it is quite thought provoking.
There is another book I am about finished w/ that I wrote about, a couple posts below this one; Living Your Strengths. We are going through that one in a small group but we are almost finished w/ the group AND the book. ;-)
Plus I am reading the One Year Bible. I've had it for a few years...always resolve to read it...I don't feel guilty about it if I miss day (I make it the next)but my goal is to actually read it this year. I take one day @ a time.
I LOVE this Bible.

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