Monday, March 26, 2007

What's for Dinner?

My neighbor asks me: What are you making for dinner?, almost EVERY day! lol

I've got 'chili' in the crock's smells SO scrumpdillyumptious!
My mom's recipe.
ground beef

canned corn
canned kidney beans
canned tomatoes (she used the bigger pieces, I prefer the seasoned diced ones)
then cornbread!

I'll make the cornbread later.
And I prefer my chili smothered in mozarella cheese.

Funny thing....I coulda sworn when I was little, my mom called this meal GHOULOSH! lol I'm not sure when it became chili. Maybe it's only ghoulosh if it has pasta in it? lol

It doesn't need to cook all day.....I just LOVE how it makes the whole house smell YUMMY! It only takes a few minutes actually to make. I browned the ground beef earlier in a skillet (wow the %92 fat free has NO grease!) then dumped all ingredients in the crock pot. voila! :D

I LOVE using my crock pot. It makes me feel like a good mom & like I CAN cook. lol It is the non-cook's life saver in my book. :-)

I actually believe ANY one can cook, cause I think ANY one can follow a recipe....but many just don't want to....myself included. :( If other little people were not dependent on me for their nutrition, I personally, would probalby live on carrots, water & trail mix. hahahahahahahaha.

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  1. Hey, we had chili for dinner last night too!! :-)


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