Saturday, May 26, 2007

Future Grocery Savings????

I am so frustrated w/ the rise in prices...especially for quality groceries & fresh produce....I say REVOLT! I've always wanted to do it but never have except for a few containers here & there & the free tomato plant we get every year from the local real estate agent that works this area. lol

So my SIL & I finally did it.....we bought plants & what they didn't have in plants we used seeds. I really hope everything stays alive & flourishes.

Clearing the weeds.....



If you can see on the left hand side towards the back....a dresser? It is to be a 'raised planting bed'. That part was hard, digging a trench for it & not deep enough...but whatever....'budget gardening'. lol
It will look nicer once it has mulch over it...& it will take time...I read you can use shredded paper for mulch! YAY! My dad has a criss-cut you know what I'll be doing manana. lol
I think maybe I should have planted the herbs closer together??? Hopefully they will spread out....and the melons (cantaloupe, honey dew & watermelon) will need plenty of space.....

We planted:

basil (plant & seeds)
chamomile (seeds)

Fruits & Veggies
corn (seeds)
purple bell peppers
green bell peppers
peas (seeds)
carrots (seeds)
romaine lettuce (seeds)
salad bowl lettuce (seeds)
spinach (seeds)
broccoli (seeds)
red tomatoes
striped tomatoes
chives (seeds)
cantaloupe (2 plants)
cucumbers (plant)
butternut squash (plant, I meant to grab zucchini. )
broccoli (seeds)
sunflowers (seeds)

It sounds like a lot but it sure doesn't look it...but hopefully that will change once everything gets going....I haven't planted the watermelon or jalapeno seeds yet.The lettuces & broccoli are actually winter plants so ....... not sure if they will have a chance...but I tried to keep them in the shady's hoping....I think that's everything. I am going to look up edible flowers to plant...I know nasturtiums...& I think pansies.....I want to find more tea/flowering herbs.....I REALLY hope everything stays alive & grows!

**I don't know WHY blogger is making wierd spaces between's not how i have it formatted when I type it up. :( **

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