Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Road Trippin---Day 2--4/27

We awoke from a resltess night of what could barely be called 'sleep'. A couple hours later we were all packed & back on the road. The scenery & views were amazing. How lovely to see forest AND ocean right next to each other. Our beaches back home are long & flat!

I started to get calluses or blisters from gripping the steering wheel so tightly along that curvy mountain road. We had hoped to take the Sky Trail along the Trees of Mystery...but it was closed by time we arrived. We said hello to Paul Bunyun & his big blue ox anyway.

We saw Bambi hanging out on the side of the raod...he was alive, FTR. It was exciting when we finally entered OR...& a few more hours till we reach auntie's house. We decided to stay @ my cousin's instead since the bride & her hand maidens were all @ my aunt's. lol

We arrived around midnight.

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