Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Road Trippin--day 3-The Wedding.

My cousin told me I had to be @ the wedding chapel by 11:30am.....the ceremony started @ 1pm. He said he 'heard' I have a tendency to run late! whatever. ;-)

The father of the bride married the couple. The bride is Russian, the father spoke the entire ceremony in Russian & then another pastor translated. He said alot of nice things.

My aunt's XH & his side of the family were in attendance....many of them approached me to offer concolences on the death of my mother. They remembered her nicely from when she was younger & me as well. Many of them asked me if I remembered them, then they'd follow up that they knew me back when I was TWO years old. lol S0 no, I surely didn't remember them.

I helped save the wedding cake topper. It fell off it's perch onto a bottom layer cake & destroyed soem red iceing roses...& was covered n red icing. I figured out a way to clean it off pretty good as the cake designer finagled ways to cover up the damage. You would never know the difference.

The littles had a great time outside the chapel running around & collecting big sticks. Oh & the reception meal was DELISH! My friend helped the caterer & got some great tips & a 'connection' to call on because she is interested in becoming an event planner.

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