Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Road trippin'-Day 4 & 5--Washington

We started our day off late, again......we planned to meet up w/ my best friend from Highschool & another e-friend. We drove to the farthest point first. About a 4 hour or so drive. We had a nice dinner, lasagna...then we were off to see our e-friend on the way back down....but I missed my exit and went in a big circle & ended up back @ my friend's house.

She convinced me to just stay the night. The next day her DH made a scrumptious breakfast of waffles, eggs & bacon! yummy! Then we were off....again.

About an hour or so later we met w/ our e-friend for a bit. From there we headed back to OR...stopping @ the Mt. St. Helens visitor center. They have a nice, small museum. It tells a bit of OR history & lots of info about volcanoes & the Mt. St. Helens eruption. I loved it. There was a nature trail to follow & get a good look but we didn't have that much time. You could also purchase day passes to drive up & get closer views & tour other changes in the landscape due to the eruption...but we were on a bit of a time schedule.

We arrived back in OR & went by the Capitol was only somewhat how I remembered was late so we did not go inside. We also passed through the Pioneer Cemetary, one of the 1st & oldest cemetaries of Salem, OR. I woudl ahve loved to stay longer & see how much history is contained in that cemetary. The first occupant was buried there in 1841!

Eventually we arrived back @ my aunt's house, to extend our stay another night.

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